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SOrry, Scout 


Sorry, Scout is a an Indie rock/pop punk/ Americana hybrid out of St. Louis that combines influences such as Alabama Shakes, Savages and Sleater-Kinney as they write songs about love, gentrification, police brutality, bigotry and survival in an increasingly oppressive reality.

Located out of St. Louis, Missouri, Sorry, Scout is the culmination of a period of songwriting between veteran St. Louis guitarist Nate Jones and singer/ songwriter/ local activist Randi Whitaker, who had been writing material and searching for a little over a year before finding the multi-talented David Anson and Zack Schultz, local musicians who were energized by the prospect of serious collaboration.  Dave's voice and arrangement skills gave a new rhythmic flare and vocally harmonic emphasis to the songs (as well as some much needed low end) and Zack's inventiveness on the kit and input gave much needed momentum, helping round out the material into fully formed sonic entities.

Sorry, Scout’s principal lyricist, Whitaker, writes about the experience of being a queer black trans man, and the struggles that arise from being an individual at the confluence of marginalized communities and identities in a city like St. Louis, itself a city sitting at a confluence point for the Missouri, Mississippi and Illinois rivers, as well as a community that sees the merging of old and new ways of thinking; a birth point for revitalized activism against a corrupt police force that has largely abused power; a city known for its abundance of acceptance as well as for its subtle discrimination. 




Vocals / Randi Whitaker

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Guitar / Nate Jones

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Bass / David Anson

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Drums / Zack Schultz


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"On its debut EP, the local quartet Sorry, Scout marries brash and spindly art-rock with clear dashes of political progressivism. The three songs on Never Asked for It are quick and immediate, providing a platform for singer Randi Whitaker's powerful vocals and incisive lyrical commentary.

"We all know and love someone that feels oppressed in some way," Whitaker says. "We aren't just making music for nothing — we make music about everything we hold dear."--Christian Schaeffer, Riverfront Times Homespun Review

"Whitaker is truly a talent who brings an intelligent and articulate energy to the rock medium.” Metal Nexus

Sorry, Scout’s "Great modern homes" is a powerful message of the duplicity of what it is like to live on the fringes of a city that is in flux but also rooted in a past that cannot be forgotten.” Divide and Conquer

“Sorry, Scout’s songs span Americana and indie rock with some definite punk influences and post-rock abstract elements while telling stories of resistance.” Metro STL


MUSIC: “A.C.A.B.” and first ep

“A.C.A.B.”, the first song off the forthcoming “Barely Waking Up” ep (slated for release August 10th) deals with police brutality in a city with a marginalized population that has been severely maligned by those we've entrusted to protect us, as well as the history of policing and the ever growing list of victims taken too soon and for no good reason.

Recorded at Native Sound studios by recording wizard Ben Majchrzak and mastered by Brad Sarno of Blue Jade Audio Mastering

“Never Asked for it”, “Simona” and “Great Modern Homes”, from “Sorry, Scout EP” recorded and mixed by Tazu Marshall, Mastered by Brad Sarno of Blue Jade Audio Mastering 

All Artwork by Nate Jones